Top 5 Article Marketing Tips For Newbies

Article Marketing is a powerful tool. When done correctly, the article will receive more traffic for free. I am going to introduce to you the top five article marketing tips for newbies. Following these simple tips will help to maximize the marketing potential in your article.

Search Engine Optimization

The first, and possibly the most important, article marketing tip is to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO sounds more complex than it is. Basically, you want to include keywords not only in the title of your article, but also in the body. Search engines look for these keywords and sort articles based on relevancy. You want your article to come up in the search results as being one of the most relevant to the search inquiry.

Capture Interest

Another article marketing tip is to be unique. Interest the readers and make them want to read what you have written. Be intelligent and keep them wanting more. Never copy content from another site without proper credit under any circumstances. Not only will you bore your reader with something they have already read before, you will be penalized from search engines that catch the plagiarism.

Be an Expert

The third article marketing tip is to do some research. Investigate your topic and find what others have to say about it. Create a list of key points and then write your article. Doing this ensures a relevant, information packed article for your readers. It will also help your article to appear higher in the ranks of a search engine result.

Call to Action

Article marketing tip number four involves motivating your reader to take action. This can be accomplished by referring the reader to your website, offering a newsletter subscription, making a purchase, or downloading a promotional gift. This will help the reader remember you, your article, and what your article is promoting. Another article marketing tip is to promote yourself in this process. Help the reader see you as an expert in the field you are writing about. Gain their confidence.

Take Advantage of Directory Sites

The final article marketing tip is also extremely important. This step involves submitting your article to directory sites. These directories will help your article be seen faster. Tools are available to accomplish this task with ease, or you may choose to do this manually. In addition to submitting your article, you will want to create other similar articles. As I previously mentioned, you do not want the same content multiple places, even if you are the original writer. This will hurt you in the long run. You want original content for each article, but you want them all to direct the reader to your product or service over a competitor.

These top 5 article marketing tips [] will help you get a good start in your marketing plan, but consistency will help you more than anything. The World Wide Web is a very competitive place to gain success, but far from impossible. Combine these simple article marketing tips with diligence and you can achieve sales and growth in any market.